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What is the Difference Between Fixed and Variable Energy Rates?

Choosing between energy providers in a deregulated market can be complicated enough without factoring in how fixed vs variable electricity rates can affect your monthly utility bills. Wondering what the difference is between fixed and variable energy rates and which type...
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BidURenergy Acquisition

Energy Advisory Firm 5 Acquires BidURenergy and NRG Advisory Services to Significantly Expand Its Presence in the Northeast 5, one of North America’s top energy advisory and management firms, announced its acquisition of BidURenergy (“BUE”) and NRG Advisory Servi
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Track Electricity Usage Guide

In an age where resource conservation and financial prudence intersect, understanding our energy consumption is key for both your home and your business. The act of tracking and optimizing energy usage transcends being an environmental responsibility; it has also become a...
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Live with 5 Digital Energy: How to Make Smart Energy Choices

View our short yet insightful webinar session for expert advice on navigating today’s complex energy market. Stay tuned for our next ‘Live with 5 Digital Energy’ event where you can ask your questions to the experts and make informed energy decisions.
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Choosing the Best Term Length for Your Electricity Contract

When examining electricity plans from different electricity suppliers, clients will often ask about how to choose the best term length for a new energy contract. There are several factors that must be considered but the fundamental concept to remember when making...
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How Commercial Electricity Rates Work in Texas

Get the best electricity rates with Texas electric companies verified by energy experts What goes into turning on the lights for your home or business? Something that may seem simple actually has many components and options. And, the way electricity prices...
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How to Lower Electricity Bills for Businesses

Switch to a more affordable plan today Keeping costs low for a small business owner is crucial for survival. Your electric bill is likely one of the top 3 expenses for your business, so it’s important to be aware of ways...
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Best Ways To Conserve Electricity

When it comes to energy conservation, small changes can make a big difference. Whether you are a business owner looking to reduce operating costs or a homeowner looking to lower energy bills, there are simple steps you can take to save...
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Switching Electricity Companies

In many parts of the country, businesses and homeowners have the power to choose their energy provider. Energy deregulation in these markets means competition among electricity suppliers drives down the energy cost to end users. While the Texas market has variations...
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How to Get Best Commercial Electricity Rates in Texas

Compare rates and the best energy plan In Texas, energy is one of the most volatile commodities you can buy. Finding the best Texas electricity rates depends on market timing, the reputation of your retail electric provider, contract term length, renewable...
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Early Termination Options

Electricity supply agreements are a crucial component of managing energy costs for businesses and organizations. These contracts often span several years and come with complex terms and conditions. But sometimes, businesses may need to terminate their electricity contract before i
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Lubbock All Set for Electricity Deregulation

Lubbock, Texas, the 11th most populous city in the state and birthplace of rock ‘n roll legend Buddy Holly, is becoming a deregulated electric territory. On February 22, 2022, the Lubbock City Council cast a unanimous vote in favor of electric...
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