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Our team sets the standard for energy advisory firms in North America, helping thousands of commercial, industrial, and public-sector clients create and implement Whole Health Energy Plans.

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You know your business. We know energy.

5 Digital Energy was launched with the intent to provide best-in-class energy advice to small businesses. Electricity markets are complex and choosing the best electricity contract for a business can be a confusing. How do you choose the best energy plan with so many different electricity providers, terms and contract options available? And at the same time, how do you avoid scams, doing business with disreputable energy suppliers, and entering contracts with hidden fees and unfriendly contract terms? All of these energy options can be overwhelming. Most small business owners don’t have the time, expertise or resources to do this on their own and aren’t sure where to turn for good objective advice and energy solutions. There is a better way.

5 Digital Energy is a brand of 5, a national energy advisory firm that supports thousands of large commercial and industrial clients across North America. 5’s team is comprised of energy market innovators, engineers, commodity traders, renewable energy and sustainability experts, and other energy professionals with a common purpose – to deliver unrivaled energy advice, risk management, energy preparedness and sustainable energy services. That same energy expertise that 5 provides to its largest and most complex clients is behind the engine that enables 5 Digital Energy’s small business clients to make energy decisions like a Fortune 500 company.

Your business can trust this platform and the recommendations that come from it because 5 Digital Energy has done all the energy homework for you. The energy suppliers, contracts and products on this website are the ones we would consider if we had our own small business. There are plenty of electricity suppliers and consultants who try to take advantage of small businesses and attract them with low introductory rates, gift cards and other scams. We don’t buy into any of those gimmicks. 5 Digital Energy’s goal is to help your business identify the best contract terms at the best price from the top energy suppliers in the country. In addition to help with finding an energy supplier, 5 Digital Energy can offer resources to help with FAQs, sustainability, energy efficiency, rebates, energy-saving tips, clean energy options, and natural gas.

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The number “5” and why it matters to you.

5 is an essential and foundational element to our identity. For both 5 Digital Energy and its parent company, the digit 5 is an aspirational mark that we strive to achieve and comes from a variety of business books and leadership practices. The foundational book that captures what we strive for is Tribal Leadership. This book describes the 5 levels of culture and the drivers that enable a group to create a transformative experience. A level 5 culture is one that is defined by competing with what is possible. This means that we are never satisfied with the status quo and are always striving to elevate the experience of our clients and other stakeholders in the energy industry. We started both 5 and 5 Digital Energy because we think you deserve better and we want to bring that Fortune 500 energy advice to your business. 5 Digital Energy will help your business make the best energy choices and choose the best energy plans.  

Our Goal is to Empower you to Find the Best Electricity Plan in Your Service Area.

Shopping for energy can be a confusing and overwhelming task. With numerous terms and pricing options, incentives, payment options, and renewable choices it can be easy for electric companies to take advantage of this complexity.

5 Digital Energy simplifies the process by shedding light on everything you need to know. We clarify the intricacies of electric service, breaking down complex information into clear and easy to understand terms. Our goal is to make the energy shopping experience less confusing and more manageable.

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