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Market - ERCOT

Ercot’s New Winter-Only Ancillary Service

After Winter Storm Uri in February 2021, the Texas legislatures passed Senate Bill 3, which includes provisions intended to improve the reliability of the grid. One specific portion of this law in Section 18(3) calls for the competitive procurement of additional ancillary servic
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Market - ERCOT

Is Texas the New California?

There is no doubt that the rapid growth of utility-scale solar in Texas has helped the state meet its ever-increasing electricity demand during hot and dry summer afternoons. The 10X increase in solar capacity in ERCOT over the past five years...
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Client Spotlight Beta Crude Connector 800x400

Client Spotlight: Beta Crude Connector (BCC)

The Beta Crude Connector (BCC) project is jointly owned by Frontier Midstream Solutions IV, LLC (FMSIV) and ConocoPhillips. FMSIV is the operator of BCC. BCC is one of the premier midstream solutions providers in the Midland Basin. The BCC system provides...
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The inflation reduction act

The Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act was signed into law this month. As a budget reconciliation law, it impacts federal income and spending. For 5 and our customers, this law provides increased incentives for on-site renewable projects that support the energy transition. The...
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Client Spotlight Shriners Childrens

Client Spotlight: Shriners Children

Shriners Children’s began out of the polio epidemic in the late 1910s, with the first hospital opening in Shreveport in 1922. Today, they operate locations throughout the US and in two other countries, all with the same mission: to change and...
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Client Spotlight Autobahn Motorcars

Client Spotlight: Autobahn Motorcars

Autobahn Motorcars has been a Fort Worth institution since 1979 selling luxury vehicles including Volvo, Jaguar, Porsche, Volkswagen, Land Rover, and BMW, as well as certified pre-owned cars. Autobahn is proud of their dedication to building strong client relationships and within.
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Client Spotlight Xpressdocs 800x400

Client Spotlight: Xpressdocs

Xpressdocs was founded nearly 25 years ago as an innovator in marketing technology solutions and helps clients build better brands by providing unique products. Xpressdocs is focused on the creation, production, and distribution of branded materials, marketing collateral, and comm
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Coincindental Peaks should peak your interests 2

Coincidental Peaks Should Peak Your Interest

Coincidental Peak (CP) is the measurement of an electricity meter’s actual usage at the time of the regional grid’s highest demand and determining that meter’s share of the entire grid’s demand. This concept of identifying a facility’s share of the grid’s...
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Client Spotlight Museum of Modern Art 800x400

Client Spotlight: Museum of Modern Art

5 began working with The Museum of Modern Art, New York by providing services that helped the museum capitalize on energy-related tax rebates that are available to non-profit institutions in Con Edison’s service territory. Recently, with rising energy prices, MoMA contracted...
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Market - ERCOT

Volatility Demands Smarter Strategy

If you have been shopping for retail power in Texas, then what we are about to report will not come as a surprise. However, if you have not seen wholesale power prices in ERCOT in a few months, you should probably...
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client spotlight empire state realty trust

Client Spotlight: Empire State Realty Trust (ESRT)

For the second year in a row, 5 is spotlighting one of our most innovative and iconic clients, Empire State Realty Trust. Earlier this month, ESRT announced their groundbreaking Empire Building Playbook: An Owner’s Guide to Low Carbon Retrofits. This publication,...
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macarthur blvd baptist church

Client Spotlight: MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church

MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church is a large church community in Irving, Texas with many families throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The church campus consists of two large, interconnected buildings that support worship services and many other activities related to both
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