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At 5 Digital Energy, our goal is clear: to analyze the energy market and equip businesses with the knowledge and resources to secure a sustainable, efficient, and budget-friendly electricity plan.

Amidst the variety of options, let us provide unbiased insights and resources in order to lead to a brighter energy future for all.

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Choosing an Energy Provider in Texas

Since 2002, Texans have enjoyed the freedom to select their energy provider, courtesy of the state’s deregulated energy market. But sometimes, the sheer abundance of choices can overwhelm consumers, particularly in bustling hubs like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

Enter platforms such as 5 Digital Energy and Energy Ogre, which are dedicated to aiding business owners in navigating this intricate landscape and pinpointing optimal energy solutions.

Both Energy Ogre and 5 Digital Energy serve as energy comparison platforms, facilitating businesses in evaluating electricity suppliers without the concealed fees or obligatory subscriptions.

Learn more about each below…

About Energy Ogre

Website: https://www.energyogre.com

Energy Ogre helps consumers with their electricity bills in the era of deregulation. As an intermediary between consumers and electricity companies, Energy Ogre offers an algorithm to analyze electricity usage patterns throughout Texas. The platform then assists members in securing electricity contracts tailored to their specific needs and usage profiles, negotiating the best rate on their behalf.

How Does Energy Ogre Work?

Using Energy Ogre is simple.

Upon becoming an Energy Ogre member, consumers entrust the platform to scrutinize the pricing structures of various electricity providers, sparing them the hassle of navigating the complex market themselves. Energy Ogre’s reps then utilize their expertise to pinpoint the right plan from the plethora of options available. This meticulous process ensures that members not only secure a better rate but also avoid hidden fees and unfavorable contract terms.

Whether it’s finding a better plan with a new provider or optimizing an existing contract, the Energy Ogre service helps consumers take control of their electricity expenses in the deregulated landscape.

About 5 Digital Energy

Website: https://www.digitalenergyby5.com/

5 Digital Energy sets the benchmark for energy advisory firms in not just Texas but across North America, like Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, New Jersey, Maryland, and beyond!

We bring Fortune 500-level energy advice to small businesses, simplifying the complex landscape of electricity markets.

Navigating electricity options can be daunting for businesses, especially with the abundance of providers and contract terms. That’s where 5 Digital Energy steps in, leveraging our team of energy market innovators to curate transparent comparisons among independent retail electricity providers.

Whether you’re considering fixed-rate plans and variable-rate plans or you’re concerned about early termination fees, our platform equips you with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions.

Trust is paramount, which is why our platform only showcases the suppliers, contracts, and products that meet our rigorous standards. We’ve done the energy homework for you, ensuring that you receive unbiased recommendations tailored to your business needs.

Beyond plan comparisons, 5 Digital Energy provides resources to address sustainability, energy efficiency, and more. Our goal is clear: to empower businesses to find the best electricity plan for their service area, simplifying the energy shopping experience and optimizing your energy bill with every new plan.

FAQs About Energy Choices in Texas

Is All of Texas Deregulated?


While the majority of Texas is deregulated, some major areas like Austin have electricity regulations in place.

How Much of Texas is Deregulated?

Roughly 80% of the Texas electricity market has been deregulated since 2002.

For the past 30 years, variable Texas electricity rates have been the norm, which means that in good times, Texans enjoy lower rates and overall lower electricity prices than the national average. However, variable rates can also spike during times of instability and inflation while also making certain areas on the Texas power grid more prone to outages.

What is an Electricity Facts Label?

An Electricity Facts Label lets consumers know about their potential electric choices, including rates on kilowatt-hour, bill credits, and more. It lets consumers more easily compare their choices on the electricity market choices.

What is the State of Green Energy in Texas?

Everything is big in Texas, including renewable energy. According to some experts, “Texas now generates almost 40 percent of its total energy needs from carbon-free sources.” Much of that energy comes from wind farms, solar panels, and nuclear energy sites.

Where Can Texans Get the Best Electricity Plans?

5 Digital Energy is an electricity marketplace that lets Texan businesses find the energy plans that work best for them, reducing the hassle of manually comparing rates.

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