Client Spotlight: MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church

MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church is a large church community in Irving, Texas with many families throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. The church campus consists of two large, interconnected buildings that support worship services and many other activities related to both youth and adult faith formation. Energy expenses are a significant operating expense, given the large campus and the numerous services offered by the church.
Prior to working with 5, the church was forced to navigate the complexities of the energy market on its own. And while church leadership had been approached by many brokers in the past to provide consulting services, they were dubious about the claims made and the motivations of these brokers.

After a thorough review and fact-finding mission, 5 was selected to help the church implement energy purchasing best practices. Working together, 5 helped the church leaders to take a proactive approach to purchasing by constantly watching the market and capitalizing on market corrections (dips) to lower costs energy costs over time. 5’s proprietary energy market platform, Level5, enabled the church to benefit from these market opportunities and significantly reduce its energy expenses. MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church made two strategic purchases that will lower its electricity costs through 2029. These proactive steps saved the church 31% on its electricity costs in the first year.

5 also helped the church to evaluate and implement a lighting upgrade project through the church’s facilities from older fluorescent lamps to more energy-efficient LED lights that use less electricity. Brad Kennedy, who is the Administrator for MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church said, “The team at 5 is my go-to partner for all things related to energy. Anytime I hear anyone express frustration or concerns about electricity, I tell them to call 5 as they have been a dedicated partner and consultant I trust and rely on.”

5 is honored to serve MacArthur Boulevard Baptist Church as they continue to serve so many others.

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