Client Spotlight:
Beta Crude Connector (BCC)

The Beta Crude Connector (BCC) project is jointly owned by Frontier Midstream Solutions IV, LLC (FMSIV) and ConocoPhillips. FMSIV is the operator of BCC. BCC is one of the premier midstream solutions providers in the Midland Basin. The BCC system provides crude oil gathering and transportation services in the Midland Basin across Martin, Midland, Ector, and Andrews Counties, Texas. This system consists of approximately 90 miles of crude oil transportation pipeline and 200,000 barrels of operational storage in the Midland Basin of West Texas. The BCC project has the capacity to deliver nearly 180,000 barrels per day of crude oil to multiple delivery points, accessing local refineries and connecting to multiple downstream pipelines.

5’s team of energy advisors and market analysts worked with BCC to examine the way it used electricity to develop an effective energy management strategy. Initial efforts focused on a critical evaluation of the facility’s operating profile using its historical electricity usage data. Insights from this data enabled BCC to optimize its operations and identify systems and processes that were not energy efficient.

5 also developed a procurement plan using its proprietary energy markets platform, Level5, to identify opportunities to make strategic future purchases. Electricity market fundamental and technical analyses were used in conjunction with market dips to make purchasing decisions that lowered the client’s electricity costs over time. This plan not only lowered their operating costs, but also mitigated some of the client’s revenue risks that are tied to movements in energy prices.

In addition to helping with BCC’s procurement strategy, 5 has played a key role in other energy-related matters including the prompt restoration of electricity service following power outages, and quick resolution of utility billing issues. Additionally, 5 has evaluated the energy economics associated with new potential midstream projects. 5 has also examined the feasibility of purchasing Renewable Energy Credits to help decrease the carbon footprint of the BCC project. Greg Lamberson, Vice President of Planning said, “The team at 5 is my first call whenever I have questions about anything related to energy. Their expertise and timely response to any inquiries have made them a valuable extension of our team.”

5 is proud to support Frontier Midstream Solutions IV, LLC and BCC with innovative energy solutions and to work closely with an industry leader that is committed to powering the nation’s economy.

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